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There are many options available today for both children and adults in need of orthodontic treatment for malocclusion of the teeth and jaws. When teeth and the jaws do not properly meet, the problem can become more symptomatic than just appearances! Painful joint problems can arise, tooth and gingival issues can develop with teeth that are too crooked to properly clean, and certain digestive issues often stem from poorly chewed food. Orthodontics treats and prevents all of these issues with small appliances and devices designed to straighten teeth and correctly align the jaws.

At The Dental Center, we encourage parents to consider orthodontic treatment for children in the growing stages of adolescence, between the ages of 11 and 13, when teeth are easier to move. Younger children with specific types of malocclusions may require an initial phase of treatment (usually an appliance or teeth spacers), a bit earlier than usual, to prevent, intercept, or correct developing problems related to the facial growth, and/ or the positioning of the permanent teeth.

Orthodontic therapy is not for children and teenagers only. Significant numbers of adults are also benefiting from orthodontic treatment. The specialized Orthodontist at The Dental Center effectively communicates with adult patients and discusses their treatment options based on the patient’s individual concerns and needs. Adult patients are thoroughly informed of their treatment plan every step of the way, so they feel truly involved in the metamorphosis of their smile!

At The Dental Center we always put our patients first and constantly strive to deliver the highest quality services in the most affordable way. Our skilled Orthodontist uses only high quality and innovative orthodontic appliances/ braces. For example, we use the traditional, time-proven metal/ stainless steel brackets, which today are smaller, more comfortable and more attractive. We also offer the highly acclaimed Inspire Ice ceramic brackets that result being quite inconspicuous and almost invisible, which are particularly popular with adults, due to their cosmetic appeal.

Also available are the more current self-ligating brackets, such as the Damon 3 system. This results in a high quality treatment, gentle wires with fewer and easier wire changes for patients and overall reduced treatment times.